J'ai Live Music - RoadkillSoda

Detalii (2018-01-19)

Rock'n'Roll with an attitude:
RoadkillSoda’s sound is a trippy collection of ripping solos and pounding drums, heavy bass and a wicked voice, fast-paced and intense, so it can get the heartbeat racing. 
Old school with a twist, 1970’s rock and roll influence with a dash of grunge. A perfect amalgam of elements that can get you high, and then let you come down with the next riff. The type of sound that makes you step on it when you’re driving straight to nowhere. 
https:// roadkillsoda.bandcamp.com/
https://www.youtube.com/ user/RoadkillSoda/videos
www.facebook.com/ RoadKillSoda
https://www.instagram.com/ roadkillsoda/

Support artists: 15 ron

Data începerii: 2018-02-02
Data terminării: 2018-02-02
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